Glad to see Auburn is sending voting delegates to the League of California Cities annual convention in September. One of the main discussions will be on AB 109 which has changed the local landscape by throwing hundreds of parolees and early release prisoners out of the state prisons onto the counties and local cities to deal with. I call this “trickle down responsibility”.

Here is why. The Feds set rules on prisoner housing that the state must follow. AB 109 was the solution to meet these rules and not build more facilities for the over crowded prison population and provide better mental and other health facilities. The result was early release which sent a population of criminals to the home areas and placed the enforcement problem and costs on Counties and Cities. Unfortunately the funding needed will not be provided, and the state will also not reduce spending, so the local taxpayer will take the shot, as usual. Not the first time the state has used this process to solve their problem by passing it down to the locals. Remember how they closed the mental health hospitals and set the inmates free to roam the streets, leaving the local counties and cities to handle the problem.

We have a history here.

Have a great weekend, and be kind to yourself today!

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