Are we really at War? The sentiment of the basic American is of mistrust at most things the Government does and trust in the Press is at an all time low. We have come to an interesting cross roads in our society where indifference rules the day.

Who is to blame? Well there is plenty to go around. The political system appears to be so out of control that we daily are hit with surprises that keeps taking our personal money and no relief in sight. We never see relief, or tax reductions, or gas prices dropping and staying there. What we see is increases everywhere and no real increase in services or benefits.

The Press has become so lop sided we almost ignore everything they report, believing everything is bias to one direction or the other. The old fashioned truth reporter is long gone and replaced with media that reacts to things that fits their overall agenda of opinion.

The general business population is driven by greed and most are mistrusted by us all. The price gouging and now the mass shift of employees from full to part time to fight back the government forced medical plan is truly hurting families and people that are struggling just to get through each month. I don’t blame the business as much as I blame the regulations and tax situation that forces business management into survival mode.

Now back to the original question, are we really at War? It certainly appears so. This time, we are fighting individual ideologues that don’t follow any rules. They don’t line up in straight lines wearing different colored uniforms so the enemy can be identified. Instead of driving in jeeps and tanks carrying M1’s…we have pilots sitting at Beal Air Force Base using satellites to fly airplanes by remote control dropping bombs and shooting the enemy on the ground. Is the Robot solider and remote control tank next? We have been doing it that way on Video Game programs for years and have a lot of trained people that can do it. Has this been the plan all along?

I am guessing we will talk about this again soon!

Have a great day and be kind to yourself today!

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