Some Things:

Had a fun weekend. Followed with NEWS 20 camera the annual wine tour and dinner held by “The Gathering Inn” in Roseville. This is a fund raiser for the organization who has dedicated services to homeless people. Suzi DeFosset, the Executive Director has created along with an impressive Board of Directors an organization that should be held up as a model of how communities should handle the “homeless” problem. Was very impressed with our local wineries. Took lots of pictures.

Dave Rosenthal, a long time icon here at KAHI Radio has moved on to another life. As of today, we picture Dave sitting in a cube getting trained to be a part of another generation totally foreign to the world of Radio we have enjoyed together for the past several years. Dave had a quick wit, loved to rename his friends with names that fit into his quips, and was really liked by most he met, and many he never met. Dave also gave a lot of time and energy to our town by participation with the Chamber, Played music for years for the monthly car show, and was an MC for our many parades. Gonna miss the laughs, Dave…best of luck on your new journey!

The American fire doubled in size this weekend and is still causing major breathing problems throughout the foothills and many areas of the Valley. So far there has been no residential damage but there are a lot of if’s with this fire. Weather forecasters are predicting a thunder storm in the area of the fire tonight bringing danger of dry lightening which is a major contributor to starting fires like this one. Lets hope we get water, not too much so not to flood and pollute the streams that feeds our water supply, and little lightening so firefighters can concentrate on this one and get it under control.

Have a great day, and be kind to yourself today!

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