Here we go again, a fight between the Federal Government and the local water authorities over the water in Folsom Dam. The Federal administration over the dam operation, The Bureau of Reclamation, is accused of syphoning water from the dam to export to Southern California. The Bureau says they need to keep cold water downstream to protect Steelhead Trout and Salmon fish population. The Bureau announced this week they are going to take the water levels in the dam to an all time low of 376 feet above sea level. This represents a level of 300,000 acre-feet of water which is 100,000 acre-feet lower than the 1977 severe drought which caused many water problems locally. Granite Bay, Folsom and Roseville water customers could be directly affected since the San Juan district outlets at the dam would have water below the outlets and force the district to attempt to feed customers from wells.

This scenario is always a mystery since we expect our political system to understand the infrastructure requirements over many years in the future when planning cities and growth. This is not rocket science, just good planning. This battle over water can get nasty in this state since Mother Nature plays such an important part of the supply. Talking about Rain and Snow.

Lets hope the powers that be use common sense and make decisions that satisfy the basis needs of our population and the economy of the region. Water is one of the life sustaining needs and needs to be managed well and to the benefit of all concerned. Pray for rain! Auburn Journal was major source for this article.

Have a great day, and be kind to yourself!

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