I met the new management team at the Auburn Journal Newspaper yesterday at Mel’s Dinner on 49 highway. It was a pleasant meeting, and I left the dinner after an hour of “get to know you” conversation impressed with the Publisher Todd Frantz; Editor Dennis Noone and Retail Manager M.J. Heltsley. All are new to the paper and the area bringing lots of experience and knowledge about running a local Newspaper. They promise a lot of change and more involvement in the local community as they chart a new course for the paper. I have observed several subtle changes in the past few months and of course one major change with the elimination of Monday’s paper. I enjoyed meeting them and listening to their past experiences and plans for the future. I feel the AJ is in good hands.

Local Newspapers and Radio stations are almost as important to a local community as Fire and Police. We serve as the “Voice” of the community and should deliver needed services to our listeners and readers that is helpful and truthful. There are the legal notices which each local paper must serve. There is the need to promote activities that serve the community, show pictures of our local community citizens doing extra ordinary things, showing our young people as they excel in sports and other activities as they ready their lives for becoming adults, and hopefully either stay or return to Auburn and serve the future.

All local papers and radio stations have had to adjust to the loss of revenue with a major shift of advertising to the internet. Both local papers and radio stations depend 100% on advertising revenue and suffer during economic downturns and shifts in the ad dollars. We both enjoy loyal local business partners who have continued to support us with their advertising. They truly make it possible for us to exist, and our listeners who buy from these advertisers are also indirectly making all the services we provide, like coverage of local football, possible.

The great thing about a small community is many of us become engaged in community affairs and with volunteer help, so many other things are possible.

Have a great day and be kind to yourself!

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