I hold a weekly telephone chat with Congressman Tom McClintock each Thursday morning at 6:30. Today’s chat was very interesting covering two specific subjects but his response followed a central theme: “Environmental laws passed over the last 20 years are causing major harm to our environment!”

The first question was why we are dropping the Folsom Lake levels to an all time low by December of this year?

The Second discussion was about the Rim Fire at Yosemite which is becoming one of the largest wildfires in history. As of this morning, the fire has destroyed precious resources over an area as large as New York CIty.

Both situations are caused by the Environmental laws that were supposed to protect these resources. We are talking about lumber, homes, and water. Water is hit twice here, first by wasting it from dams that were built to hold water in wet years to supply us in dry years and the ash and smoke that drops into our lakes and rivers causing pollution to our drinking water.

So what is the answer?

Harvesting the forests by companies that sell the trees for wood products that builds homes, creates paper, and many other products. California’s legislature has passed laws that has almost stopped all harvesting of Timber in the state at great costs in lost jobs and revenues to the states and the local communities that needed the lumber business to survive. The most recent state move was a 1% assessment on all lumber and wood products that are used in California.

As to water, policies must return to the intent of having water dams in the first place which is to create storage facilities during wet periods for use by people in dry times. Sounds simple right?

We need to get back to basics and stop silly laws that only satisfy one problem in the short term and creates disaster results over the long term. Killing revenue sources and jobs then breaks the bank to deal with the bad results later on does not work. Time to make better assessments of the decisions that are made under pressure from self centered issues, and make sure that it becomes fair for all concerned.

So risking 6000 firefighters, millions of dollars for equipment and fuel to fight the fires, and mass loss of revenue, jobs, and property seems senseless. So legislature, change the policies. It is the right thing to do!

Have a great day and be kind to yourself!

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