The situation in Syria certainly appears to be very dangerous, and I personally am vey concerned at the situation the USA appears to be in. It appears that President Obama has worked himself into a corner and his reputation is at stake. What most of us are questioning is why are we involved in this government at all?

Syria has been in a civil war since 2011. Its Government headed by the al-Hassad family has been in control since 1970. The majority of the people are reported to be in support of a rebel group that has been trying for sometime to topple the Government of Bashar al-Hassad. The USA is also in support of the rebel group who formed an alternative Government March of 2012 and was embraced by the Arab League, the USA, France and Britain.

The current crisis is based on the belief the al-Hassad government has used poisonous gas on its own people which is a violation of international and moral law. The unanswered question is who really used the gas, and is this event a set up to draw the USA and the European allies into a new war in the Arab Theatre. Britain has withdrawn its support of going to war and it appears that President Obama is hanging out on his own on a war action.

The debate on Obama’s authority to go to war is raging in this country. Hopefully the debate will bring common sense to what certainly appears to be a non-win, non-defined reason to start another war among other wars that are killing our armies and draining our treasury. What is the point? We deserve an answer!

Have a great weekend, and be kind to yourself!

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