Here we go again. A plan was presented in the legislature yesterday that will lower the testing bar to accommodate failure. The Standard Testing Requirements (STAR) results from last years students in State Schools came in low in math and english. Typically one would think that if a standard is set and implemented, then this measurement should be tested over time, and hopefully increase the quality of the end product, which is our children learning to speak and add.

No, our legislature seems to be more concerned with the results of the test being favorable rather then increasing the level of competence of the children… lets lower the standards so the less aggressive learners won’t suffer from loss of self esteem. Unfortunately this has been a trend over the past several years used in schools attempting to limit competition and letting the less talented appear to be better than the standards that were set to raise the bar in our educational system. The obvious end result is we are dumbing down our children while other countries are raising the standards. This means that competing for good paying jobs in the future will favor others than our kids.

Why would we do that??

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