I attended a seminar last night at the MIND Center at UC Davis in Sacramento. The subject was how diet and exercise affects the brain. Studies throughout the medical community that proves without a doubt, maturing people that follow a diet of vegetables, fruits, nuts and low fats will lower their risk of Dementia and Alzheimer disease as they age. The other benefits of this diet is better weight control and risk of Diabetes.

The exercise piece of the lecture was also informative and studies were shared that even light exercise like walking has great beneficial results in fighting these diseases and pushes them later in the life cycle if they occur.

I have had personal experience with this plan and it works. I was showing a trend with Diabetes 2 two years ago and started to change my lifestyle with a change of diet and exercise program. The result has been feeling better, loss of 25 pounds, better systems and attitude. Now to find out at UC Davis last night that I am improving my brain functions too was exciting.

Nice to be excited sometimes! :)

Have a great weekend and be kind to yourself today!

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  1. Jackie

    Wow, Barry! What a great post. Many things I didn’t know plus a reminder of the world we must remember we are living in. Your insight and observations are much appreciated.


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