As we draw close to the anniversary of “911” I started to think about where I was that day, my reactions, others reaction and a thought about how life changed that day and since.

I woke to hearing about the first plane crash into building one. I went to the den, turned on the TV and witnessed the plane crash into building two. On the way to the TV, I knew in my heart that this was not an accident, and we were under attack by an enemy. I wondered why I was so sure we were under attach and decided after thought that the events of our time had been leading up to this for some time. I remembered the attempt to blowup buildings in New York before that failed. I talked with an FBI agent that told me they had stopped an attempt to get tank cars into the Subway system in New York filled with explosives. With all this, it was obvious that some enemy out there had not given up and finally after ten years of work, pulled off an incredible stunt. They learned to fly domestic airplanes which had been bought and paid for by our USA carriers, and determined they could become missiles when driven into high buildings. The only cost to the enemy was the lives of the airplane drivers and a few lessons to learn how to fly them. Certainly not conventional warfare but extremely effective. They killed over 3000 Americans in the air and on the ground, and changed the USA forever.

The first change I observed was US business’s immediately scattered their centralized management and executive teams from central cities to suburbs and other cities smaller in size. They also moved computer operations to more secure locations and provided much more backup systems to protect their data. Banks were ordered to instantly post all money transactions rather than waiting to midnight which had the practice for years. A major undertaking by government agencies to correct the communications problem that became so apparent when fire, police, FBI, and others could not communicate during the 911 attacks in New York City. There were many more changes that have also affected our daily lives.

One obvious other change is we all keep expecting the next retaliation by unknown enemy’s. We are a more suspicious nation, thanks to the shoe bomber, the Boston Marathon incident and constant reminders that the enemy is not only unknown, but living and playing among us.

As we approach the 12th anniversary of “911” I can only say: “sometimes the old days were better”!

Have a great day and be kind to yourself!

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