The world political stage has been dominating the NEWS and water cooler chats for several days. Our “Limited War” and “Incredible Small Action” which was the label Secretary of State John Cary put on it has put the world on “stand-by stutter” for days. This all collapsed in a few hours last night as Russian President Putin called the President of Syria with a plan that would advert war by the USA…and it is reported that President Obama has already agreed to the plan also.

Now the timing here is interesting with the 13th anniversary of “911” tomorrow. Also the major shift in Political power that took place in the last few hours is dynamic. President Putin has long desired to be an international power particularly in the Arab theatre. He has capitulated himself there in the political drama that played out last night. The International Press, our own politicians in Washington including John Cary who is testifying before the Arms Committee this morning appear to have been caught off guard by these major shifts last night.

So what is next? Well there is a relaxing atmosphere taking over many of us feeling that we escaped a major embarrassment or worse yet, another war front in Asia which no one wants. The Syrian Government will probably continue with its civil war hoping to crush the rebels. What the USA Government and the Obama administration will do is questionable but probably will take credit for scaring the Syrian Government into submission to the plan the Russians brought foreword at the last minute,saving all from an unwanted war.

How the American people accept all of this will be interesting. My guess most will go on with life, glad the drama is over in Syria and start thinking about the 2014 elections, or not.

I am headed for the Golf course! Need an organized walk in the woods!

Have a great day, be kind to yourself today!

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