Wow, what a week. Those of us that report NEWS had what I would call a “This Was a Week that was”. David Frost, an englishman, brought that statement to us in 1962 and was only on the air a year, but set come standards that many of us follow to this day.

So what was the week: We started with the face off of the USA and Syria over a possible War strike. The world political stage was climaxed when Russian President Putin stepped in and took the lead as a peace broker first then a critic of the American way of life in an op-ed in the New York TImes. State Department Secretary John Kerry then flew off to Europe to meet with Russian state officials hoping to work out a strategy to control the weapons of mass destruction in Syria. Syria counter-punched this morning saying they will only cooperate if the USA stops feeding arms to the rebels fighting the Government. Like a game of chess.

Fire played a part in the NEWS this week as a windblown wildfire hit the devastated coast of New Jersey burning the famous BoardWalk which was recently replaced following a hurricane and flooding. Not a good week in New Jersey Coastland. California was winding down on its war against wildfire as fighters and equipment returned to home base’s as the Rim Fire in Yosemite and the American fire in the American River canyons were contained.

The California congress, cramming to end their current session rammed some bills through that will have a major affect on residents. The Drivers License bill was approved, and the Gov. says he will sign it. This allows undocumented immigrants to get a legal drivers license in the state. This has been a long hard battle by major proponents attempting to get a legal status for this army of people in California. A real question to be answered is will this allow them to vote in elections?

The legislature also sent the Gov. a bill that will increase the minimum wage. This, as usual means a cost increase to us all. Pro-Tem David Steinberg got his wish by getting a “Fast Track” process through that will benefit the building of the downtown arena.

Have a great weekend and be kind to yourself!

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