As predicted, today the politicians that want more gun control are popping up to get on TV and expound their beliefs that these tragedy’s like the one yesterday in Washington’s Naval Yard could be prevented if only more gun control.

However, the headlines are screaming the cause here is “Mental Illness” and the lack of attention to obvious signs and actual treatment history could have prevented this mass killing of 12 innocent people.

The lone gunman was a 34 year old contractor from Texas, and had been hired holding an open security pass to the building from a previous contract. Aaron Alexis had been treated by the Federal Services for VETS for “SERIOUS MENTAL” issues.

So why doesn’t the blame go to the system that did not cancel his access to a government facility by the system that had knowledge that this man was hearing voices and suffering from severe mental issues?

Lets also question why the fact that this man had shooting issues, anger issues and a history of confrontation with authorities on issues over the past 12 years did not keep him from being hired by a contractor who placed him in a secure zone where he could kill other workers?

Lets also really question the politicians who fail to face the mental sickness in this country by ignoring it, and blame access to guns and cutbacks to funding an over bloated government.

This ignorance will only feed this violence since the anger and frustration held by an ever growing group of victims that have suffered mental illness from events such as 911, Wars, Drug Abuse, and lack of treatment for helpless people continues to enrage individuals that act out vengeance as they commit suicide or as police officials call it “Cop-a-cide”.

Lets also question how the most sophisticated and high technical military force in history cannot protect one of its own buildings. Maybe we need to shift our emphasis to root cause rather than agenda driven emotions that are triggered by a tragedy that could have been prevented.

Have a great day and be kind to yourself!

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  1. A. Friend

    I am endlessly amazed, even after all these years, at your insight, you finesse with words, and your subtle humor. Very poignant and relative remarks and observations.

    Always a pleasure to read & learn! Never stop!!!


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