So let me understand:

Our country has established a memorial in DC to honor the WW II Vets and is open to the public, as the other memorials are in DC. Yearly, local citizens and business’s contribute money and time to take living vets from WW II back to Washington, DC so they can see this memorial. These trips take all year to plan, and volunteers make it happen for these elderly citizens that hit Normandy, were part of the Berlin Air Lift, Parachuted into France and Italy, Flew with Doolittle into Japan, Sailed the Pacific and Atlantic, drove tanks in Africa and fought hand to hand all over the world, to defend Freedom for us Americans.

So this week, the hundreds of WW II Vets arrive in Washington, DC to visit the “Open to the public” memorial, placed there in their honor. What they were met with was iron barriers and police tapes locking them out of this normal open place. These memorials are not staffed with park employees, so why the barriers? In addition to this, one congressman asked theWhite House to have the barriers removed and were refused. The barriers were supposedly put there because of the partial shut down of the Government because of the stand-off occurring between the Democrats and Republicans.

So let me understand: A public place, containing a memorial to the freedom fighters of WW II with no park employees stationed there, had barriers placed to keep citizens out.

The obvious question we need answered is: Why and what person or group made this ridiculous, mean spirited and disrespectful decision?

I am a tax payer too, and I would like to know.

Have a great day and be kind to yourself!

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