Well, it has been some week. Here we are, 11 days of partial shut-down government, rude and almost criminal treatment of our former military, shut-down of money for the most recent of our killed military so their families can receive their bodies when they arrive in the USA from the Far East War Theatre. Then we witnessed the unbelievable transformation of “Smokey The Bear” type park rangers becoming mad jackals and treating some very normal citizens and foreign visitors like war prisoners, or passing out Hundred and 250 dollars fines for being in one of our parks. This one surprised me and I don’t think in my lifetime have I seen this type of transformation from what I have always admired at their helpfulness and kindness to visitors of our park system. Wow, out of left field. I would have expected understanding….not fines. And who set the amounts??

As we chronicle these actions, are we learning anything about the attitude of people when the Government goes into chaos? Are we losing that deep down kindness we have had between each other for the last many centuries?

I have also noticed this week an measurable increase in aggression by drivers on the highways and streets. I have witnessed passing on the right, cutting in front and across lanes at changing red lights, and tailgating. I have seen this before and it signifies that people are getting anxious about everything.

Maybe we have reached that emotional level of “I’m Mad as Hell, and not going to take it anymore”. Recommend not drinking the cool aid and maybe go to church on Sunday.

Have a great weekend, and be kind to yourself!

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