Like most of you, I am tired of the politics and media coverage of Washington, DC. I turned my thoughts to Fall and the wonderful change of colors that occurs about this time every year. It brings back wonderful memories of childhood years when families and neighbors got together, made cider, maple sugar, pies, sweet potato specials, quilting by the Mom’s and Grandma’s at the local grange. There was always a smell of BBQ in the air along with the beginning of drawing maple sap from the trees, and the boiling of it to make syrup and sugar. Ratios were amazing, like 100 gallons of sap to get one gallon or syrup, etc.

The later years when I had a pilots license and could fly, the yearly trip from the Berkshire mountains in Massachusetts to Vermont, New Hampshire, to the coast of Maine, then back down the coast to Boston, and back across the state of Mass. to Pittsfield was a “Look forward to” event each year. Taking friends and neighbors on these trips was always a delight.

Then there was the yearly trek to Vermont to get apples, pumpkins, maple sugars and syrups. Kids always loved that because they got lots of samples. A pancake breakfast and rib lunch always topped off a great day in New England.

Sometimes a little trip down memory lane is in order. Yesterday was one of those days.

Have a great day and be kind to yourself!

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