Back to normal today, or are we? The 16 day power struggle came to an end late yesterday as the elders in Washington took charge and cut a deal that everyone could live with. This will go down in history as classic political science, and will probably go into the college text books for future generations to study.

Was this 16 day period a true test of our constitution or the peak of power brokering to gain control of our future? Only history will bear out the truth. It certainly appears that the power struggle in Washington brought the worst out in public statements of meanness by those that were threatened. It did appear to be “Backed into a corner” reaction from those of us outside of the beltway. Notice how it all changed to “My fellow members total cooperation bringing this to a close” statements. A real about face in a few seconds. From bum ti hero in nano-seconds.

The President spoke to the nation this morning and spent considerable time scolding the opposition and used the words “Manufactured Crisis” several times. He strongly made the point that there are 4 major issues that the Democrat controlled Senate has already passed and are stalled by the Republican House of Representatives: Immigration, Tax revision, Budget and a revised Farm Bill. Obviously the President is saying that the Democratic plan is being obstructed by the Republicans. He also said many times that he wants open discussion and debate and move these major items along. Of course the Republicans say the Democrats refuse their efforts to negotiate.

We will talk about this for a few days, then get on with the next crisis in January. Has anything changed….probably not, but lets hope.

Well it is time to tee off…….at last peace in the woods…..

Have a great day and be kind to yourself! Be Happy today!

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