Major disasters because an executive or group of management types will not accept warnings from those that know a process is not ready, litter our history books. Today we seem to be experiencing another page in that book with the Obama-care collapse on their web page and software packages that were to make this all simple and easy.

I have studied these decisions over several years, and marvel at how they happen. There is a wonderful book about these disasters that is worth the read. My favorite occurred in New York City many years ago when city fathers decided to put an underground highway between the up and downtown streets on Park Avenue. The underground highway had bridges on the cross streets over the underground highway. As it was built, the transportation management decided to buy all new buses. They didn’t check at the hight of the bridges above the highway, and on opening day, a city bus with all officials on board took of on the new highway and the top of the bus hit the first bridge and sheared it off, making a convertible out of the bus and embarrassing all the political bosses with looking up at the sky in surprise. Someone obviously forgot to check.

There have been some disastrous decisions like the “O” ring problem that blew up the Challenger space craft on assent out of Florida carrying Christa McAuliffe, an American School Teacher from Concord, New Hampshire. She and the entire crew were killed as the spaceship fell from the sky into the ocean. They were warned and went ahead anyway. Terrible price to pay!

In my many years of executive leadership, I followed the Eisenhower theory of assembling all the facts, listen to all levels of people around you, and try to satisfy the rule of understanding the “Impact of your decision” before execution. Not always right, but the odd’s favor you.

By the way on the opening of Obama Care… appeared they were warned!

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