Blame it on the computer! As we started into the computer age and companies gave us all these great little desktops so we could electronically do spreadsheets and become our own secretaries with word processors, there has been an epidemic of “the computer made an error” !

Truth is people make the error, the computer only makes it for you at the speed of light.

As we watch the hearings at Washington on the problems Obama Care is having getting fired up, to the EDD in California plagued with computer problems for several weeks in issuing unemployment checks to california’s unemployed, the only common thread here is that both are Government agencies.

If GOOGLE or AMAZON have a computer glitch it lasts for a few minutes, and we all panic believing China is attacking our banking system. So the obvious question is if EDS, Amazon, GOOGLE, FACEBOOK and other private companies can process millions of hits per seconds, why can’t the Government get it right?

Well is appears to be at the basic belief that Government can do everything better than private enterprise. It also follows the same pattern that companies that are hired to do Government work usually are politically wired and often major contributors to the power party in charge at the time, not necessarily the most qualified.

The other missing piece this time is what I call “Failure to design”. A design is the most important part of the system. In other words the end result must be fully defined and then managed to conclusion. Quite often design is victim to programmers or technicians who go off on their own way, or incompetent contractors that do not follow the rules and it is not discovered until the system is put on line and fails. Think if we designed airplanes this way…..fix it after we leave the runway!

We will continue to monitor the hearings, and enjoy the squirm which will subside in a week or so, and in the meantime hopefully some genus 20 year olds will pull this disaster out so we can proceed ahead.

Thank god for 20 year olds…….

Have a great day, be kind to yourself and be happy today!

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