BARRY’S BLOG Tuesday 10-29-13

The City of Auburn’s City Council made their decision last night on selecting a plot of land that would get a zone change to allow for a homeless, emergency shelter within the city limits. The state had mandated that political entities, such as cities, must have land that was zoned to accommodate an emergency shelter by the end of October.

This process has been going on for a couple of years.Several hearings have been held to get plenty of public input to the process. This is a style of our local government that all should appreciate. Getting all the input possible is the way all our governments should work but seldom do.

As the state mandated deadline drew close, the process of examination then elimination of parcels that would not fit the criteria worked very well by narrowing down the targets to only two. The state sets many of these rules, and the city must follow. If you question the power the state has to get it’s policies to be adhered to, consider that Auburn City would not be able to issue building permits if they did not meet the deadline of the end of October.

Now the question is what next? Will some private or public entity come forth and pledge several hundred thousand dollars of investment and negotiate with the land owner to build a shelter that is heavily burdened with rules and regulations, and with no revenue income to sustain the daily operating expenses of staff and expense? The structure would require a Hotel type building allowing guests to come in and check out daily. Also there needs to be provisions for security and sanitation. Also it needs to be in operation 24 by 7. A big hurdle at best.

Can all this happen? Sure! Will it happen? Probably not! Oh well, we re-zoned and that is that. Now lets get on with the next challenge…..Panhandling, loss of water resources, the next release of state prisoners on the local systems, winter….etc. etc.

Have a great day, be kind to your self and be happy!

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