BARRY’S BLOG Monday 11-4-13

Wow, what a week las week. Was busy as usual, as I like to be…but there there was Thursday. I left Auburn’s Old Town about 6 PM, and drove my Mercedes 350 out onto high I 80, and moved it up to 65 mph ahead of on-coming traffic, feeling safe, as usual. Then IT happened! The car went into neutral and I started to slow down. Years of flying taught me to be prepared for any emergency, and those old habits kicked in. I first assessed the situation, checked for all dangers like heavy traffic, tried to get the car to engage with no luck, searched for a landing spot at the side of the road, checked again for traffic (This section of I 80 is quite dangerous with an on-ramp into traffic, and a major state road ( Highway 49) off ramp lane with criss-crossing high speed traffic including high speed truck traffic), and luckily found a spot with no traffic, and drifted to the side of the highway. Whew! Checked the car again with no ability to power up either in reverse or forward. WOW!

Next was to determine now what to do. I have not experienced a roadside breakdown since the early 80’s. First check insurance cards, called on cell phone the 800 # which was answered immediately. Checked my account and verified where I was, and the problem. Then a call to a local tow company, and in 5 minuets was assured they were on their way. Took about 20 minuets while I sat with the engine running, lights on and flashers running. Lots of speeding traffic whizzing by.

The tow guy was great. Made sure I was the one, and then went professionally about getting the tow attachment out of the trunk. I didn’t even know I needed one. Do now! With the driver watching I exited the car, and was invited to ride in the passenger side of the truck. He then used a winch and pulled the car onto the truck bed, and we were on our way.

I had the driver take the car to Magussen’s on 49 and left it there in the middle of the night. The driver then kindly drove me home about 3 miles away. Next morning rental car came and picked me up at home, rented me a vehicle until mine is ready. Car is in the car hospital in Rocklin, and then have given me a lender (New Mercedes) until mine is fixed.

The entire episode was done with incredible professionalism. I congratulate everyone from the tow guy to the service people at both Magussen’s and Mercedes for great treatment, constant updates on the situation, and help in what could have been a real disaster.

How fortunate we are for the kind of people that live and work here and take such great care of their customers.

Have a great day, be kind to yourself and be happy!

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