BARRY’S BLOG TUESDAY November 5, 2013

I attended a press conference yesterday held near the bottom of Folsom Dam. Several dignitaries were present with some making speeches and others attending to see why we all were there. The reason was to kick off a campaign “FOR THE SAKE OF THE LAKE” hoping to draw attention to the State plan to build two large tunnels in the Delta that will syphon off water for Southern California. The affect is that as the Delta drops in volume the drain will be on our Northern Rivers like the American and Sacramento Rivers. This will potentially rob several of our cities of drinking water in the future.

Standing on sandy and rock ground well below the low water dock was frightening enough but looking down several more feet to see what appears to be just a river was scary. The dam is at only 23% of its almost million acre feet capacity, and if we don’t get a wet winter this year, drinking water to Folsom, Citrus Heights and other cities is at risk even this year.

The status of water in Northern California could be at crisis levels if some one doesn’t do something, We have increased in population over the last 20 years, but have done nothing to increase our water supply. As other parts of the state increases, they are exhausting their supplies, and want ours. There is some history here. The Southern California population growth has caused the draining of the Columbia river from what was a vibrant body of water. Lets hope the powers that be keep that from happening to our Northern Rivers.

Have a great day, be kind to yourself and be happy!

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