Auburn is the busiest town I have ever lived in. Last night there were at least three major events and maybe more, all important to attend. I was honored to be the Master of Ceremonies at the unveiling of a bronze statue of the local WWII Triple Ace Flyer Bud Anderson. Col. Anderson is truly a local hero serving his country as a volunteer and becoming one of the War’s greatest fighter pilots. His abilities have been animated by the History Channel and locally we have named the Airport Road after him, and now a fabulous bronze statue created by local well known artist Douglas Van Howd. The project when completed will feature the statue of Col. Bud and a scale model of his also famous P-51 fighter plane “Old Crow”.

Timing on this event dovetails with Veteran’s day which is this coming Monday. This is the day we honor the men and women who have volunteered and some were drafted into our military forces. Most of our local vets are part of the “Greatest Generation” class of people that have lived and been a part of what maybe the greatest time of our society. Many of them started their young lives on farms and with families that worked hard at growing food or working in industrial or building trades. Salaries were very small in these times with most people making as little as $50 dollars a week.

There was no unemployment insurance, welfare, medicare or health insurance. Prices were relative with Gas at 25 cents a gallon.The period was marked with several Wars. WWII was the big one and was to end all wars. Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm and current Eastern Conflicts expelled that belief, and Monday we honor those who gave their lives, or survived these conflicts.

Each War brought its own life altering affects on our lives, the nation, and the world. These events also shaped our society with drugs, other addictions, job and career opportunities and massive leaps in mechanical, industrial, business, educational, medical, Government,communications and technologies.

So Monday, think about those that served and serve. Our lives today could have been a lot different if our foes had won the wars that were fought. We as Americans are blessed to live in a free society. You don’t need to listen or travel very far to realize we are truly blessed!

Have a great week end, be kind to yourself and be happy!

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