The situation with Obama Care appears to just be getting worse and worse as each day proceeds. There seems to be a total chaos from the top to the bottom of the project along with fraud running amuck as the infra structure is falling completely apart. The reaction by the officials that are responsible for this project remind me of a Naval Admiral in WWII that was hit unexpectedly by the enemy and when questioned by the Naval Brass what was going on he reported: “Sir, we are surrounding the problem with activity”. The difference is the Navy had trained for, had procedures for and common sense to fix the problem. This appears to be lacking on this one.

The disaster is the mass cancellation of policies by insurance companies shocking millions of people. Reports out this morning that over 1 million have been cancelled just here in California. The panic that is triggering this blight across the nation is like a plague. There is also a backlash from young healthy people saying “No Way as long as I am healthy”. The mind set is the young are not going to support the sick and will keep their money and spend it the way they want. This could defeat the sole purpose of how Obama Care was supposed to work and be funded. Does this mean a raise in taxes to support it? Some think so!

The mass cancellations by insurance companies could also be their counter attack to the government’s attempt to take over their business. Could this be a deliberate hurt put on innocent people causing massive angst as a way to put pressure on the politicians to kill this take-over? Well, we are a government by the people, for the people, and now the people have been aroused into anger and may rise up to almost rebellion. This could be a tipping point in our country. We are seeing high level politicians like Bill Clinton shifting to a point of criticizing the President and suggesting he reverse the law. I am guessing President Obama is having a bad day.

You have a great day, be kind to yourself, and be happy!

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