The City of Auburn is cracking down on the homeless encampments that are appearing around the city. Complaints trigger the city enforcement team to examine the camps, and then issue notices of vacate to the camps. If they have been abandoned or there is garbage and human waste present, then the city engages with a clean up to keep the area from being hazardous.

This story is being repeated throughout the foothills as the homeless communities move from the colder climates and migrate to California where it is warmer. We also have services that serve this community which gets posted in churches and public places in the colder climates.

We have talked about the problem a lot over the last several months. What has become clear is this homeless population has several personalities. The one that gets most attention is the crime element that follows this population. The homeless population has grown this past two years since the State government passed AB 109 realignment act. This act shoved non-violent state prisoners from state facilities down on county prisons and state parolees also to more county levels. Placer County and Auburn became a target as the state shutdown parolee offices.

So, the “Bad” element swells up because these out of area people are thrust on our streets, and also increased the overall homeless population, stressing our services and enforcement teams. What our representatives should examine is the taxpayer cost to manage this population vs. creating a facility or supporting non-profit services so they can rise to the problem. In any case, this problem certainly will not go away, and appears to be getting larger by the week.

Have a great day, be kind to yourself and be happy!

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