The past 6 days have been quite a roller coaster for me. Last Wednesday night I had an attack of Gal Bladder stones. Was really painful, and after about 3 hours of hoping it would go away, I drove about 1/2 a mile to the emergency room at Auburn Faith Sutter hospital, and entered the world of medical wizardry. I was fortunate to get there at a slow period, and after a few questions, I was in a bed, hooked up to an IV, X-Rayed and after several Doc’s poked and checked, was admitted to the second floor into a private room. What an efficient operation, and such competent professionals, and they are so pleasant and nice.

The pain stopped and all my vitals started to correct, and Friday morning they released me. Went home, did chores, felt great, and thought the problem was past. A nice weekend attending and producing one of the “Focus ” programs at the Mandarin Festival, had a nice dinner, then on to Church Sunday morning where I sing with a group. Made a visit to Sacramento to check on a friend, dinner on the river and all was well.

Sitting home and watching the “PBS” Carol Burnett Mark Twain award show, which was a fabulous two hours of quality Television production, and off to bed. After an hour of tossing and turning, another attack from the gall bladder. What GALL!

Since I knew the feeling, I did not waste much time as the pain increased. Off to Auburn Faith Sutter Emergency again. Rather than saying “You Again?” ….the professional team kicked in again, and more tests. Been here 12 hours, and with a sonogram and an MRI, I sit tethered to the IV watching Neil Cavuto, Bill O’Reilly, local Sacramento NEWS, and working on editing and writing. Oh! for a salad and a cup of coffee!

Waiting for the Doc’s to give me the prognoses on what is really going on, and the fix. The thinking is a microscopic operation to yank the gall bladder out and get rid of all those nasty stones. Appears I am a little like an oyster….making pearls. Problem is they are not pearls…Could make a fortune in necklaces and ear rings.

This has been a brand new experience for me since I have never been a patient at a hospital. Have nothing but great appreciation for the class of medical care we have in Auburn and feel very lucky to be a guest of Mitch Hanna (CEO of the hospital) and his incredible associates. I truly feel like I am in good and very professional hands.

Hope to be back on the radio next Monday….complaining that I only had applesauce and salad for Thanksgiving dinner.

Have a great holiday, be kind to yourself and be happy.

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