Well, yesterday went very well. I was taken to the “Special Procedures” part of the Sutter Auburn Faith hospital and was excited at getting this problem solved. The change from the quiet organized and comfort of my second floor room into the surgery part of the hospital was like going from Locksley Lane to I-80. Gurney’s were flying through narrow hallways calling out to seas of people standing looking at charts and chatting about patients and procedures. Man, we are at warp speed! Another world down here!

Into the prep room, lots of activity. Sort of like a holding pattern at a busy airport. We have our space, but lots of activity as patients are readied for their procedure. Great people, all working at warp speed but looking relaxed and confident. They have done this many times before.

Finally they wheeled me into the inner-sanctum operating room. Lots of exciting equipment looking like Start Ship Galactica with technicians and doctors everywhere. I was talking as they slipped me a “Mickey” which took affect immediately.

The next minute I remember was waking up in the recovery room and the “Special Procedure” was over. This procedure is called ERCP. I called it “Rooter Rooter”. They put a TV camera (talk about a small camera) and a probe down my throat and into the stomach. There they checked it out, and inserted it into a duct fed by the kidney and pancreas. There they found trouble, and quickly removed it, and cleaned it out. Does sound like Rooter Rooter, don’t you think?

Back to the serenity of the second floor, and quiet. How exciting, Feel like I have had quite and experience. Many thanks to the terrific staff of the Sutter Auburn Faith.

Today on to removal of the nasty Gall Bladder. As Lori Rheams said yesterday, “If you and it can’t play nice, then part company”. Or something like that.

Have a Great Thanksgiving, be kind to yourself and be happy!

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