Well the Gall Bladder is gone. GOOD RIDDANCE! What I have learned about my system in the last two weeks equals a year in med school, at least it feels that way to me. The good news is I am repairing well, and about to leave the Sutter Auburn Faith hospital. The stay here has been a wonderful experience but ready to go home.

The world has continued to turn since I have been doing the “Gall” thing. One thing you have in the hospital is lots of time to read the newspapers and watch NEWS channels. It has been fun to watch all the various opinions that I usually don’t have time to do. Was educational.

I am fascinated at the shifting that is going on with the news coverage of Obama care. There is a definite move on by the administration to shift the NEWS coverage to positive things about the roll-out of the new health care system and get the reporters off the disaster of the WEB site and the general software development failures.

Was nice to see the Macy’s and Gimbal’s parades this morning. The North Easter’ storm that hit the east coast was a big one, and could have cancelled both parades today, both of which are traditions. The time, money and effort for these parades takes a year of planning and millions. Would have been a shame to have them unavailable.

I have always enjoyed Thanksgiving but as years went by, the time and effort seemed to be more that it was worth. Maybe age, or maybe families change as they grow and separate. The so called rule of “no discussion of politics” on Thanksgiving probably is a good one, however it usually gets broken shortly after the wine starts to flow.

One thing I am sure thankful for is being over this week and ready to go home. I am also thankful for the wonderful special friends that have been supportive and caring. You know who you are, and know how much I care for you too!

Have a great day and weekend everyone. Be kind to yourself, and be happy!

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