BARRY’S BLOG: Monday 12-9-10

I marvel at the naivety of out high level politicians when they make major statements following a disaster, on how they want to proceed with solutions. The train reck a couple of weeks ago North of New York City killing 4 and hurting over 100 passengers has brought out Chuck Shumer, New York Senator, with a suggestion that trains should be installed with cameras that look in and out of the engine. This should be an embarrassment and Chuck, or his staff should think out these statements before he gets on TV. I would like to interview Chuck and ask these obvious questions:

“Senator, what would be the reason to have tv cameras on these trains? Would it allow us to see the engineer fall asleep, then watch helplessly as the train leaves the track and crashes into the river? ”

“Senator, who would be watching the views from these camera’s? Would there be a new Government agency that would sit in Washington 24 by 7 and watch all these cameras, sort of like the security people in Las Vegas watching walls of cameras that are trained on the doors, games, and employees?” “Would there be government employees manning these rooms watching the several thousand trains each day on the rail systems, and who would pay for that?”

“Senator, are you considering having these camera’s feed the internet and be on UTUBE so we could all watch these engineers fall asleep, and then watch the crash?”

I would also like to ask the Senator if he has driven the new versions of Mercedes, BMW and Volvo vehicles which have sensors that alert the driver they are falling asleep or drifting out of their lane. One of them can sense a stoppage or pending accident two vehicles ahead, and apply breaks while warning the driver of the danger.

I guess I suffer from disappointment that some of our top political leaders sometimes to appear in public so far behind in knowledge of our incredible technology position in the world that they appear stupid. I don’t think Chuck Shumer is stupid…..and a message to the staff’s that serve our leaders……For God’s sake, get your bosses up to speed.

Opps……computer just told me to go back on the air with the NEWS.

Have a great day everyone, be kind to yourself and be happy!

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