Back to work and on the air at KAHI this morning, just like I was never away. Coffee cups were where I left them, computers were set up and inviting, and at 6:00 on que the network popped up and delivered all the NEWS as expected.

Having two weeks off was delightful, but returning to daily routine has its comfort. Starting with the weekend, shopping, church, visits, dusting off the vacation dust….all felt good and comforting. Starting the new year and week refreshed and ready to go is also inviting.

Now to the New Year. Notice how Washington is back to normal this morning. Democrats chipping at the Republicans in the Senate forgetting we remember they have the majority there, so what’s the problem? Over in the house, debate over extending the unemployment benefits to thousands of Americans that are out of work and counting on these benefits as income continues as Republicans want Government to prove they can pay for it…..gee what a concept.

So the battles continue as the titans position for the mid-term elections in hopes to capture more of the power blocks in congress and the states. In other words, here we go again!

Locally we all woke up this weekend reading and hearing that the Auburn City Manager, Bob Richardson, was probably moving to neighbor city Grass Valley to be their City Manager. This is a loss since Bob has gained a great reputation of being competent and professionally navigating the city of Auburn through some hard times during the down-turn economic period we are slowly coming out of. Bob also is just a nice guy! We will miss you at city hall, but good news is you and family will still be a part of the neighborhood. Wish you well!

The near future NEWS on water is bleak however. A situation out of the control of politicians, however their policies have helped to create the situation, forecasts severe water shortage this spring as our snow pack is way below normal, and lack of wet storms is stirring major concern by officials that are expert in this area. With the release of Folsom Dam water along with other water supply reservoirs in Northern California by the Feds to push sea salt water back from the viaducts that supply water to Southern California, and the lack of new fresh supplies due to weather, our local Northern California city residents are going to be restricted and maybe run out of water in a few months. I believe it would be fair to say that Mother Nature still rules the universe even when man tries to re-engineer it. Must be a lesson in there somewhere!

Have a great day, be kind to yourself, and be happy!

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