The cold wave that is hitting the mid and southern part of the country has brought back some memories for me. I was born and raised in a small town in Western PA located in the snow belt. The snow belt is a designated path that major snow storms take from Canada over the Great Lakes dumping cold air and major snow falls in January and February. Temperatures drop to 15 degrees below zero each January for about 15 days. As a kid I still got up, delivered my paper route, walked to school which never had a snow day in my 12 years there. Those homes that had frozen pipes, neighbors helped, and there was always someone with a truck with chains to pull out anyone stuck. As the day progressed, and we kids got out of school, we started shoveling the snow for our neighbors, chipping ice for the old lady down the street, and getting groceries for the couple across the street. Sure we got a buck or two sometimes, but that was not the point. We were taught to help those that need it, and not expect a “tip”. In a couple of days, sun was out and life back to normal until the next storm came by.

Does this happen today? I would hope so.

What makes this year so different is the mass of area that is being hit by the cold wave. Cities like Atlanta, New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Charleston are not really prepared for these low freezing temperatures. Cities become really crippled and come to a stop with freezing pipes, snapped power lines, stress on communication and transportation systems plus people don’t have the extra warm clothing. Also, unlike us that lived it, we headed the warning and made sure we did not get over-exposed risking our nose and ears.

One thing for sure, man has not created this. The earth has been around for several million years doing this while we humans have only been keeping weather records for over a little more than a hundred years.

Stay warm, where ever you are. Spring and summer will surely come on schedule and these cold days will be only a memory.

Have a great day, be kind to yourself and be happy!

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