The New Jersey Story about a high ranking official in the Governor’s office ordering a massive traffic jam in morning rush hour traffic leaving New Jersey into New York City for mean political reasons is making me sad and angry. I have suffered many hours of traffic jam delay’s in years I spent in the eastern corridor including the Gorge Washington Bridge from Fort Lee New Jersey into New York City, and they are frustrating, dangerous, and down right cruel if used for personal gain of a greedy peanut brained politician. Those not impressed because it was traffic, what if they had shut down two tracks of the inbound trains to Grand Central Center?

How have we allowed this type of thinking to get into the high offices that should have our health, safety, and well being as their main concern…… not as a massive pressure tool to forward an agenda that someone else disagrees with.

Seriously, I believe this borders on Terrorism. This is the worst kind or Terrorism because it is being used by our own people against others causing inconvenience for you and me. Where is the understanding by these people that they were selected by us, and are paid from our hard work and money through tax. We have selected people that have no respect for us, or the system of government we have, and therefore are orchestrating a destruction from within. Maybe Terrorism is too strong, so how about Treason?

Governor Cris Christy spent more than an hour this morning with the press and seemed to be convincingly strong that he did not know about this incident, and personally hurt at the dishonesty within his own circle of trusted staff. He has fired one senior member of the staff, and there were several more that knew and also managed the backup that should have known better, and stopped it. For instance, why would a head of transportation, cabinet position, take a gov’s aid suggestion to inconvenience a major part of the local population who he/she is sworn to protect. They should also be fired, and if Christy is as good as he appears, then stay tuned. A decisive leader in the state house…! What a concept! Firing bad actor government employees….now this is different!

Ok, I feel better. One of the reasons I moved to California was to get away from this type of government of intimidation which is very present in the East. So fair warning to Jerry Brown’s staff…….don’t screw with I-80 West to Roseville. I will really get mad!

Have a great day, be kind to yourself and be happy!

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