The political actions and news coverage of Chris Christie, second term Governor of New Jersey is fascinating and sometimes entertaining. Listening to the various experts on the media there is consensus that he is being picked on by the press and now the administration because he is becoming a threat to the Democrats as the presidential seat goes into play for the 2016 elections. First the traffic jam that was deliberately orchestrated by members of Christie’s staff as a so called political pay back for non support by the mayor of the community that abuts the George Washington Bridge got major coverage last week by all the press and electronic media including way above average coverage on the weekend Television Talk Shows.

Now the Justice Department under AG Eric Holder has announced an investigation into how Christie’s administration managed the billion + dollars given to them to restore the damage on the Jersey coast from a hurricane. Christie says the Obama administration approved the spending step by step. So is this a political witch hunt because Christie is looking Presidential?

Several of my team of friends and advisors have also talked about this swirl of activity with Christie at the center of these fire storms, and first reaction was distaste at the use of presidential and AG power against a potential political foe. Secondly however the discussion has turned to Christie and his ability to take the heat, handle the press well, and if he is truthful and open about his role, and continues to demonstrate leadership with intelligence, then this circus may catapult Christie high enough in the News-Sphere that he attracts enough supporters to take the big Oval Office when it’s time.

Now isn’t that an interesting thought. Rather than destroy Christie, they tough him up, test his skills and integrity, and the entire political scene shifts. Isn’t America great?

Have a great day, be kind to yourself and be happy!

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