I am headed off to our local Auburn Faith Sutter hospital to have a fix operation on a torn rotor cup in my left shoulder. This has been planned for a few months, and I look forward to having it repaired and complete restoration of the left arm. The wonder of all this is what our local hospital has accomplished over the recent years in attracting very talented surgeons and modern equipment. This operation a few years ago would be a major incision, large tools to repair the situation, and then stitches to hold tight the wound until it heals. Then maybe a plaster of paris cast to hold the parts together until healed.

Today, I arrive at the hospital at 11:45 AM and check in. I have already been visited at home by a company that fit me for a plastic and felt harness that is full of velcro straps including a squeeze ball for exercising my fingers. What did we do before Velcro? They also delivered a machine that I fill with ice and water, which pumps into a sleeve that lays over the shoulder and cools it down 20 minutes at a time. About the size of a large cooking pot. How cool it that!

I will be prepped and surgery is done with a tiny TV camera and microscopic tools with little incisions to allow these tiny tools to enter the shoulder and do the work. The small holes will be covered with bandaid like coverings, and I will be strapped into the sling and velcro’ed. Release is expected to be about 3:00 PM. Less than 5 hours in the operating room, and sent home.

With all this modern medicine right here in out rural community of Auburn is wonderful and appreciatively convenient. It was not so long ago I would have been required to travel to San Francisco, then Sacramento, then Roseville. How far we have come, thanks to some very smart and dedicated executives and health care companies and officials.

I will return to work Monday with some restrictions on my left arm….and hopefully swinging the #9 Burner by spring. How sweet!

Have a great day, be kind to yourself, and be happy!

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