The Presidents speech last night was interesting. Many of his statements were passionate but some of the analysis’s over the last couple of days have been more interesting. For example: Congressional leaders and the administration supposedly have agreed to lower several billion dollars of the food stamp program. But the other part of the story is they also agreed to allow government subsidies to the poor and under employed to no longer be required to claim these dollars given to them as income, and therefore drops their reportable income to lower levels, and this automatically increases their food stamp allowances. Net decrease of tax payer burden…

The President has threatened to force contractors doing business with the Government to pay a minimum wage of 10 dollars 10 cents. The rest of the story is this will only affect future contracts. The basic affect of the Presidents threat appears to be helping no one, or very small affect on a very small population.

Politics has always been a give and take situation with self interest as the main driver. In other words if you approve my bill, I will vote for yours. The problem is most of this horse trading is done behind closed doors, and never reported. Also when it is reported, it is never complete so we need to really dig to get the facts of how these deals affect our wallet and life here in the USA. Thus the freedom of the press which is under attack all the time. Wonder why?

I still believe in the USA and its constitution. Also over time, the constitution has been continuously attacked by the controlling party frustrated by not being able to dictate change. So what is different this time? The intensity of the attacking is the obvious.

So what is next? Our constitution and government has checks and balances even though sometimes we don’t think so. Our government was designed to be frustrating so change had to follow a process that would protect us the citizens. Let hope the process holds and we stay protected.

The really important part of our system is the vote which is constantly under attack.


Get rid of the electoral college! Sure, this gives major population states like California and New York control over selection of the President. Not fair!

Allow illegal population become citizens…..sure get the votes from 12 million illegals. NOT!

Get more citizens dependent on government money like Social Security, Medicare, Welfare, Food Stamps, Medical Insurance, Unemployment Assurance payments etc. This allows the controlling party in office to use fear of money loss to keep others out of power. Old trick and works well.

Control the press: Obvious, if you can lie or filter the truth to the mass population, then decisions at the voting booth are politically maneuvered to support and protect those in power which is the very root of why our constitution was written to protect us.

So lets give the process time which it requires, and see how we turn out. We still are the most prosperous and successful government experiment in all of history. There must be a reason for this, but lets not kid ourselves, being the best and most prosperous government makes us also the target to bring down to prove others are really right.

Don’t underestimate the power of one!

Have a great day, be kind to yourself and be happy!

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