The PETER PRINCIPLE appears to have integrated into our school system. This Principle of management was introduced in 1969 by Lawrence Peter in a book that stated all management, and particularly at that time, the Railroads, had achieved positions in their careers that were above their training and capability. Therefore, most companies and services are being managed by people that are incompetent in their jobs.

The incident in Salt Lake City this week when students in the cafeteria got their lunches and when at the last stop entered their PIN number to have the lunch paid for out of a parent funded account showed them below the level of funding. Now here is where the Peter Principle kicks in. In marches the School Principal who rips the food from the students, and throws it in the trash.

Now here comes the beautiful part. He apologized saying that since the food had been touched by the students, it therefore was contaminated and could not be given to anyone else, so in the trash was the answer. WOW! What a compassionate executive.

Now lets see what the board of this system does. If they do not fire this boob immediately then I am right. The Peter Principle has taken over.

Where is the political outcry that a large-power freak manager shamed over 40 students by ripping their lunch from them in front of the other students….gads man, these kids are hungry and none of this is THEIR FAULT! Self esteem damage…..not one political person has even weighed in!

And the PPP (Peter Principle Principal) should have tried to figure out the problem, let the kids eat, get to the root of the problem, then deal with it in his office where he should have stayed. Maybe a computer glitch? Maybe a notification failure? Maybe another PP could have misplaced the money? None of these in any way at fault of the students.

Now a political type has weighed in….wait till you hear this! His suggestion is the school could have given these students a lessor lunch. Gads…..PP has hit the house too!

Let me get this straight. 40 some accounts are low on money. We find out AFTER the kids get their lunch and are at checkout line. Management explodes and runs to cafeteria and rips food from their hands, throws it in trash. Shouldn’t management know these accounts are low BEFORE lunch is served? Bet the PPP will next say: “But we recycle our trash!”

Have a great weekend! Be kind to yourself and be happy!

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