FRIDAY 2-28-14


This month certainly has passed quickly. It is a day or two short, but so many things took place that the time did seem to speed up. I personally had two major events in my life. I had major surgery on my left shoulder and bought a new home, and moved. One of these events would have been enough….but the two within days was exhausting. The good news is that both events have been right, and are both settling in. Doctors say I should have full movement of the left arm and no pain. Has been the most painful thing I have ever had….but healing well. God bless our Auburn Sutter Faith Doctors and support teams. They are the best.

A major announcement was made this morning that the Historical Landmark Marshall Hotel on 7th street downtown Sacramento will be rebuilt into a high rise boutique hotel to satisfy the expected high paying customers visiting due to the new downtown arena, which now appears to be on a fast track. Recent years, this old hotel has become the home for poor residents, many that have been homeless, and have very limited income. This segment of the community is now faced, again, with being homeless if they do not find adequate housing, somewhere else. This announcement is the first of many moves as major money and investment moves into the downtown Arena area.

On the National Scene, the Russian and Ukraine situation appears to be getting worse. Russia has made military moves by moving troops and equipment to the Western Border and now there are reports of military action at Airports and other military installations. Russia has also moved a warship with missiles to Cuba, Has a lot of similarity of the Cold War which we experienced in 1947 through 1991. It was called the “Cold War” because there was no heavy fighting on the ground according to historians, but I remember Korea and Vietnam which were pretty hot to me. I didn’t serve due to age, but did observe, report on and followed closely. This was also the time, right after WWII where the USA and RUSSIA established themselves as “Super Powers”.

With the healing on my left arm, and getting out of the sling next week, I hope to return to Blogging more often. Thanks for all your comments. Have a great weekend, be kind to yourself, and be happy!

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