The announcement by the Auburn Chamber of Commerce in selecting Councilman Kevin Hanley as the new CEO was exciting and somewhat a surprise. Kevin has been joining me on the KAHI Morning News the morning after the City Council meets in Auburn for several years, and I feel a personal friendship has been built between us. I have admired all the people that run for council, win, and dedicate their personal time and talent to running our city as well as it is. Kevin has passion and dedication to his service and the results show it. Now moving over to the chamber will be a challenge for him which he obviously has embraced. Chambers are representative organizations serving the local business community which is also funded by the members, and chartered to promote the community and help grow the local economy. Not an easy task. Kevin will do a great job because he has focus on what is good for the community.

Speaking of service, studies over long periods of time has proved that people that give of their talent and time live happier than those that do not. We are a nation that has been built by people that donate their talents and time through their churches and service clubs like ROTARY, Kiwanis, and others that do community projects, donate money and time for the community’s well being and future. A famous reporter said one time: All good work in the USA is done by service organizations”! I like the ROTARY statement credo: “Service above self”!

Have a great day, be kind to yourself and be happy.


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