The recent rains have a lot of folks expecting the drought to be minimal, and with every storm wave, they feel better. Officials however say the drought is still serious and so far the storms have only helped some. We are still in a serious water shortage condition, and conservation is urged to help keep the impact down as much as possible.

One of the impressive stories coming out of this drought is our own Placer County Water Agency (PCWA) actions, plans and execution of these plans by Board, Management and Engineering staff. THe PCWA water network is very complicated being able to get water from various sources, and distributing that water to several thousand agricultural, commercial and residential customers. I picture the network looking like large tree laying on the ground with roots of the tree in various water supplies like the American and Yuba Rivers, different reservoirs and wells bringing the water to the trunk, then distributing the water to various limbs which then feed customers represented as leaves. Very complicated and needs lots of management and engineering to make it all work efficiently and balanced based on need. Droughts then are represented as a lack of supply at the root level which then affects the entire system. Our PCWA has engineered additional supplies to feed the roots which could save us some drought affect.

This further pinpoints the professionalism of our local agencies. Placer County has been a great growth county for several years, particularly in South County. Communities like Roseville and Rocklin have grown from 5 thousand residents to over 50,000 over the last 20 years. We have seen major communities like Del Web’s Sun Cities in Roseville and Lincoln. In addition, several thousand homes have been added adjacent to these Sun Cities, all demanding services like electricity, water, gas, and water treatment. With this growth, our agencies have keep up with demand. This doesn’t happen by accident. It takes prudent management, engineering, planning and execution. It appears we have that here. How lucky. Think of the disaster if we had the alternative.

Have a great day, be kind to yourself and be happy!

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