Major Air Disasters like the missing 777 Malaysia Flight 370 last saturday bring us all to realize how most of us are afraid to fly. As a young person I had two conflicting emotions when it came to flying.

First I wanted to be a pilot from the first time I saw a John Wayne WWII movie. I was fascinated with model airplanes made out of paper or balsa wood. I took my first ride in a Cessna 82 private aircraft, scared out of my brains but so excited when the pilot let me handle the controls, and received my first “Bitten by the Bug” that all pilots experience. I then started a dream quest to fly anything that had engines.

Second, I was always surprised at the emotional stress I suffered when booked on a commercial flight. I didn’t sleep the night before a flight, and was nervous like a cat until I got inside the plane, and buckled up, The first few years of flying commercial, I always had nervous moments that the plane would suffer a mechanical failure of some kind and crash. As years went by, I became a lot more relaxed and found the hassle of airport parking, security, baggage handling and general mean people a lot more stressful than the actual flight.

I also started flying my own plane for business, and found the convenience for short trips was wonderful. In and out of airports on my own schedule was thrilling, and also made my business pressures so much easier as I relaxed and enjoying the flight from point to point. It became much more pleasurable to move around the Eastern corridor by plane than driving on the crowded and dangerous interstate highways that connected the major cities that I needed to go to. Don’t fly much anymore but had a lot of pleasure during those years I did.

Now back to the most recent disaster, Flight 370. I always think what a horrific way several hundred people confined in a plane helpless and often alone from friends and family must suffer in the last few minuets of their time here on earth. There can’t be many other ways that suffering is more with this complete loss of power over your destiny and realization of possible instant death. Man has created worse over past centuries but an air disaster is pure chance. I always feel sad for the victims and their loved ones that must deal with the loss. May their religious belief’s help them cope. Lets hope terrorism is ruled out since that would make it worse for the innocent.


3 thoughts on “DISASTERS

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