Retire….what does that mean?


KAHI Radio and I announced yesterday my retirement from the AM NEWS HOST position. Eight years ago, I started at 6:00 AM as the morning host, returning to an old career and love, talking on radio. KAHI was a perfect match for me because management philosophy is to serve the local market, and make the microphone available to anyone with something to say. Over the 8 years, we have brought on local political officials, community leaders, activists trying to change things, to Boy and Girl Scouts visiting the station.

I fell in love with radio as a kid back in Pennsylvania. I spent my Sunday’s listening to the old radio shows, usually on CBS, that covered Tom Mix, Mr. Keen, tracer of lost persons, Roy Rogers, The FBI, Jack Benny, Arthur Godfrey, and many others. As my interest in Radio grew, I was soon building my own radio station and broadcasting on the local radio set with voice, then with turntables, became a DJ in my own home.

One day, a Radio Station from another town came to my home town and I was there every day helping with stringing wire, lifting stuff, and opening boxes as they built our local home town station. I spent more time at the station than at home, and finally got on the air through the high school NEWS program as one of four NEWS anchors selected by the English teacher. I was then hired as a weekend announcer and then full time announcer the week after high school graduation. I was very fortunate to be given such a great break right after high school graduation.

I moved into management and was fortunate to work for some great creative people that gave me freedom to be creative also, and I became a pioneer in talk radio and local supportive radio. I moved on to Cable TV where again was invited to be creative in local television programming on cable. These were fun years, and I was on the front edge of having local cameras at high school football games, musicals and fundraisers in local home town communities.

I moved on in the Cable TV world as homes across america were connected to local CATV systems, and watched and participated in the creation of channels like HBO, Showtime, CNN and others. Today we have many more successful CABLE channels than Network channels. It only took 40 years or so to make FOX NEWS having more viewers than CBS NEWS.

Having the great fortune of being a participant in this communications revolution was a God’s gift. I wish all young people could get the same gateway to their career that I have enjoyed. I look forward to moving on to other things yet will still do special reporting for KAHI radio. How lucky can one be.

Have a great day, be kind to yourself and be happy!

4 thoughts on “Retire….what does that mean?

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  2. Darragh McCurragh

    “I was soon building my own radio station and broadcasting on the local radio set with voice, then with turntables” – Well, the “land of the free”. No way in regulated Europe, “back then” or now would you have a chance to set up your own radio station and certainly you would never have gotten any slice of the air wave spectrum. There were a few independents operating illegally in the 1970s but eventually always they got their equipment seized and did jail time.

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