Water, the most precious element we have on earth, when scarce, makes us all nervous as our officials must make hard decisions on which of us get it or not. Water also is the only element on earth that can be all three states, liquid, solid (Ice) and gas (steam). In this country, our water companies have built infrastructures that brings adequate and safe water into our homes, and we all assume that when we turn the knob safe drinkable water gushes out of the faucet every time. We are very fortunate since many countries on the earth do not have safe water and many people, particularly children die everyday because of it. This is not an issue in the USA.

Now, when the source starts to dry up, then we are asked to conserve, there is always two reactions. Those of us who understand, and those who get angry because they must conserve and suffer some inconvenience. I have overheard some talk lately: “I pay good money for that water, and I expect it to be there whenever I want it”. The other emotional focus on this matter is aimed at the politicians who have first helped provide storage of water with damns and reservoirs and now seem stalled at providing the storage systems needed to satisfy the needs of people growth and growing food supplies, our main economy driver in California. They blame environmental laws for the stall, but the political system approved these laws. Maybe a reassessment of these laws would be in order.

In the meantime, cutting 20% of water usage is really easy to do. Cutting lawn watering, less home driveway car washes, better use of dish washers and general turning off the running water when washing hands are all simple adjustments that can really make a difference. Dropping usage also cuts your expense for the short term.

By the way, there are some local governments that need to examine their systems and policies. There has been some interesting reports lately on how some cities are wasting major water resources.

Have a great day, be kind to yourself and be happy!

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