One republican representative was quoted on TV this morning saying: ” Since the republicans are getting blamed for the partial Gov. shut-down, we might as well hang in there until we get our way with this situation”.

My reaction was: “This may be the most brilliant thing said in Washington this week”.

These shut-down’s are painful, a disturbance and inconvenience to say the least. On the other hand, if a party has the courage of their convictions, then they should take the grief, and force change, and hopefully be right. Only history can validate these actions because the future is difficult to predict.

Political parties fighting over power and control is normal, and our constitution recognizes that and always has. The Press over time has become more bias but the Constitution also recognizes that. Since “We the people” have the ultimate power by electing our representatives, it then becomes time and patience. If we vote in the wrong party, then it becomes our fault.

So, as long as the bus’s run today, restaurants and coffee shops are open, Hospital’s and Dr’s are working, The Newspapers, Radio and TV stations are on the air, and we report to our jobs and have a paycheck on Friday….the shutdown is just a frustration for the gov. workers who are affected.

Lets hope cool heads prevail and the best for all concerned is the result. In the meantime I need to get my tires rotated!

Have a great day and be kind to yourself!


The showdown in Washington is political high drama for sure. Remember when teenagers used to play “Chicken” with bicycles and then cars…..two cars start driving toward each other head on seeing who would swerve out of the way first before a crash.

Congress appears to be playing “Chicken” with your and my money and well being, as they attempt to get concession on the Obama Care program which starts to kick in tomorrow, October 1st.

The art of comprise in Washington has turned into hard ball. Both parties are determined to get change, Democrats are surging ahead with change and additional spending while the Republican side in the House where they have control are determined to make the Democrats sit down and listen and accept some slow down on spending.

Interesting at how the head Democrats, Harry Reid and Nancy Palosi do not appear to even be in Washington as we speed toward a government shutdown which will take place at 9:00 PM Pacific Time.

It is sad that out political system does not work anymore with out severe pain to us citizens who elect representatives to go to congress and represent our best interests. Regardless of who blinks today….some of us will be hurting!

Have a great day and be kind to yourself!


As predicted, today the politicians that want more gun control are popping up to get on TV and expound their beliefs that these tragedy’s like the one yesterday in Washington’s Naval Yard could be prevented if only more gun control.

However, the headlines are screaming the cause here is “Mental Illness” and the lack of attention to obvious signs and actual treatment history could have prevented this mass killing of 12 innocent people.

The lone gunman was a 34 year old contractor from Texas, and had been hired holding an open security pass to the building from a previous contract. Aaron Alexis had been treated by the Federal Services for VETS for “SERIOUS MENTAL” issues.

So why doesn’t the blame go to the system that did not cancel his access to a government facility by the system that had knowledge that this man was hearing voices and suffering from severe mental issues?

Lets also question why the fact that this man had shooting issues, anger issues and a history of confrontation with authorities on issues over the past 12 years did not keep him from being hired by a contractor who placed him in a secure zone where he could kill other workers?

Lets also really question the politicians who fail to face the mental sickness in this country by ignoring it, and blame access to guns and cutbacks to funding an over bloated government.

This ignorance will only feed this violence since the anger and frustration held by an ever growing group of victims that have suffered mental illness from events such as 911, Wars, Drug Abuse, and lack of treatment for helpless people continues to enrage individuals that act out vengeance as they commit suicide or as police officials call it “Cop-a-cide”.

Lets also question how the most sophisticated and high technical military force in history cannot protect one of its own buildings. Maybe we need to shift our emphasis to root cause rather than agenda driven emotions that are triggered by a tragedy that could have been prevented.

Have a great day and be kind to yourself!


Wow, what a week. Those of us that report NEWS had what I would call a “This Was a Week that was”. David Frost, an englishman, brought that statement to us in 1962 and was only on the air a year, but set come standards that many of us follow to this day.

So what was the week: We started with the face off of the USA and Syria over a possible War strike. The world political stage was climaxed when Russian President Putin stepped in and took the lead as a peace broker first then a critic of the American way of life in an op-ed in the New York TImes. State Department Secretary John Kerry then flew off to Europe to meet with Russian state officials hoping to work out a strategy to control the weapons of mass destruction in Syria. Syria counter-punched this morning saying they will only cooperate if the USA stops feeding arms to the rebels fighting the Government. Like a game of chess.

Fire played a part in the NEWS this week as a windblown wildfire hit the devastated coast of New Jersey burning the famous BoardWalk which was recently replaced following a hurricane and flooding. Not a good week in New Jersey Coastland. California was winding down on its war against wildfire as fighters and equipment returned to home base’s as the Rim Fire in Yosemite and the American fire in the American River canyons were contained.

The California congress, cramming to end their current session rammed some bills through that will have a major affect on residents. The Drivers License bill was approved, and the Gov. says he will sign it. This allows undocumented immigrants to get a legal drivers license in the state. This has been a long hard battle by major proponents attempting to get a legal status for this army of people in California. A real question to be answered is will this allow them to vote in elections?

The legislature also sent the Gov. a bill that will increase the minimum wage. This, as usual means a cost increase to us all. Pro-Tem David Steinberg got his wish by getting a “Fast Track” process through that will benefit the building of the downtown arena.

Have a great weekend and be kind to yourself!


The world political stage has been dominating the NEWS and water cooler chats for several days. Our “Limited War” and “Incredible Small Action” which was the label Secretary of State John Cary put on it has put the world on “stand-by stutter” for days. This all collapsed in a few hours last night as Russian President Putin called the President of Syria with a plan that would advert war by the USA…and it is reported that President Obama has already agreed to the plan also.

Now the timing here is interesting with the 13th anniversary of “911” tomorrow. Also the major shift in Political power that took place in the last few hours is dynamic. President Putin has long desired to be an international power particularly in the Arab theatre. He has capitulated himself there in the political drama that played out last night. The International Press, our own politicians in Washington including John Cary who is testifying before the Arms Committee this morning appear to have been caught off guard by these major shifts last night.

So what is next? Well there is a relaxing atmosphere taking over many of us feeling that we escaped a major embarrassment or worse yet, another war front in Asia which no one wants. The Syrian Government will probably continue with its civil war hoping to crush the rebels. What the USA Government and the Obama administration will do is questionable but probably will take credit for scaring the Syrian Government into submission to the plan the Russians brought foreword at the last minute,saving all from an unwanted war.

How the American people accept all of this will be interesting. My guess most will go on with life, glad the drama is over in Syria and start thinking about the 2014 elections, or not.

I am headed for the Golf course! Need an organized walk in the woods!

Have a great day, be kind to yourself today!


As we draw close to the anniversary of “911” I started to think about where I was that day, my reactions, others reaction and a thought about how life changed that day and since.

I woke to hearing about the first plane crash into building one. I went to the den, turned on the TV and witnessed the plane crash into building two. On the way to the TV, I knew in my heart that this was not an accident, and we were under attack by an enemy. I wondered why I was so sure we were under attach and decided after thought that the events of our time had been leading up to this for some time. I remembered the attempt to blowup buildings in New York before that failed. I talked with an FBI agent that told me they had stopped an attempt to get tank cars into the Subway system in New York filled with explosives. With all this, it was obvious that some enemy out there had not given up and finally after ten years of work, pulled off an incredible stunt. They learned to fly domestic airplanes which had been bought and paid for by our USA carriers, and determined they could become missiles when driven into high buildings. The only cost to the enemy was the lives of the airplane drivers and a few lessons to learn how to fly them. Certainly not conventional warfare but extremely effective. They killed over 3000 Americans in the air and on the ground, and changed the USA forever.

The first change I observed was US business’s immediately scattered their centralized management and executive teams from central cities to suburbs and other cities smaller in size. They also moved computer operations to more secure locations and provided much more backup systems to protect their data. Banks were ordered to instantly post all money transactions rather than waiting to midnight which had the practice for years. A major undertaking by government agencies to correct the communications problem that became so apparent when fire, police, FBI, and others could not communicate during the 911 attacks in New York City. There were many more changes that have also affected our daily lives.

One obvious other change is we all keep expecting the next retaliation by unknown enemy’s. We are a more suspicious nation, thanks to the shoe bomber, the Boston Marathon incident and constant reminders that the enemy is not only unknown, but living and playing among us.

As we approach the 12th anniversary of “911” I can only say: “sometimes the old days were better”!

Have a great day and be kind to yourself!


I attended a seminar last night at the MIND Center at UC Davis in Sacramento. The subject was how diet and exercise affects the brain. Studies throughout the medical community that proves without a doubt, maturing people that follow a diet of vegetables, fruits, nuts and low fats will lower their risk of Dementia and Alzheimer disease as they age. The other benefits of this diet is better weight control and risk of Diabetes.

The exercise piece of the lecture was also informative and studies were shared that even light exercise like walking has great beneficial results in fighting these diseases and pushes them later in the life cycle if they occur.

I have had personal experience with this plan and it works. I was showing a trend with Diabetes 2 two years ago and started to change my lifestyle with a change of diet and exercise program. The result has been feeling better, loss of 25 pounds, better systems and attitude. Now to find out at UC Davis last night that I am improving my brain functions too was exciting.

Nice to be excited sometimes! :)

Have a great weekend and be kind to yourself today!


Here we go again. A plan was presented in the legislature yesterday that will lower the testing bar to accommodate failure. The Standard Testing Requirements (STAR) results from last years students in State Schools came in low in math and english. Typically one would think that if a standard is set and implemented, then this measurement should be tested over time, and hopefully increase the quality of the end product, which is our children learning to speak and add.

No, our legislature seems to be more concerned with the results of the test being favorable rather then increasing the level of competence of the children… lets lower the standards so the less aggressive learners won’t suffer from loss of self esteem. Unfortunately this has been a trend over the past several years used in schools attempting to limit competition and letting the less talented appear to be better than the standards that were set to raise the bar in our educational system. The obvious end result is we are dumbing down our children while other countries are raising the standards. This means that competing for good paying jobs in the future will favor others than our kids.

Why would we do that??

Have a great day and be kind to yourself!


The situation in Syria certainly appears to be very dangerous, and I personally am vey concerned at the situation the USA appears to be in. It appears that President Obama has worked himself into a corner and his reputation is at stake. What most of us are questioning is why are we involved in this government at all?

Syria has been in a civil war since 2011. Its Government headed by the al-Hassad family has been in control since 1970. The majority of the people are reported to be in support of a rebel group that has been trying for sometime to topple the Government of Bashar al-Hassad. The USA is also in support of the rebel group who formed an alternative Government March of 2012 and was embraced by the Arab League, the USA, France and Britain.

The current crisis is based on the belief the al-Hassad government has used poisonous gas on its own people which is a violation of international and moral law. The unanswered question is who really used the gas, and is this event a set up to draw the USA and the European allies into a new war in the Arab Theatre. Britain has withdrawn its support of going to war and it appears that President Obama is hanging out on his own on a war action.

The debate on Obama’s authority to go to war is raging in this country. Hopefully the debate will bring common sense to what certainly appears to be a non-win, non-defined reason to start another war among other wars that are killing our armies and draining our treasury. What is the point? We deserve an answer!

Have a great weekend, and be kind to yourself!


I hold a weekly telephone chat with Congressman Tom McClintock each Thursday morning at 6:30. Today’s chat was very interesting covering two specific subjects but his response followed a central theme: “Environmental laws passed over the last 20 years are causing major harm to our environment!”

The first question was why we are dropping the Folsom Lake levels to an all time low by December of this year?

The Second discussion was about the Rim Fire at Yosemite which is becoming one of the largest wildfires in history. As of this morning, the fire has destroyed precious resources over an area as large as New York CIty.

Both situations are caused by the Environmental laws that were supposed to protect these resources. We are talking about lumber, homes, and water. Water is hit twice here, first by wasting it from dams that were built to hold water in wet years to supply us in dry years and the ash and smoke that drops into our lakes and rivers causing pollution to our drinking water.

So what is the answer?

Harvesting the forests by companies that sell the trees for wood products that builds homes, creates paper, and many other products. California’s legislature has passed laws that has almost stopped all harvesting of Timber in the state at great costs in lost jobs and revenues to the states and the local communities that needed the lumber business to survive. The most recent state move was a 1% assessment on all lumber and wood products that are used in California.

As to water, policies must return to the intent of having water dams in the first place which is to create storage facilities during wet periods for use by people in dry times. Sounds simple right?

We need to get back to basics and stop silly laws that only satisfy one problem in the short term and creates disaster results over the long term. Killing revenue sources and jobs then breaks the bank to deal with the bad results later on does not work. Time to make better assessments of the decisions that are made under pressure from self centered issues, and make sure that it becomes fair for all concerned.

So risking 6000 firefighters, millions of dollars for equipment and fuel to fight the fires, and mass loss of revenue, jobs, and property seems senseless. So legislature, change the policies. It is the right thing to do!

Have a great day and be kind to yourself!