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Board of Supervisors Hold Budget Workshop

The Placer County Board of Supervisors held a budget workshop Tuesday with the heads of the various County departments focusing on department priorities and challenges. Many of the departments listed limited staff and tight budgets. Many of the staffing shortages are coming from employees reaching retirement; in fact 60% of County employees are of retirement age according to the report from the CEO’s office.

The Sheriff’s Office is the County’s biggest expense and has the large investment of the still unopened new jail in the south area of the county. Sheriff Ed Bonner says there are a few issues holding up the opening of the new jail.

Sheriff BonnerClick to hear Sheriff Bonner’s Comments on jail

The work shop is intended to provide greater transparency for the public into the county budget, and is part of the multi-year phased transition to priority-based budgeting. In the coming weeks the board will be asked to give direction on the county’s priorities to form a budget for the 20-12/20-13 budget cycle.

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