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No Decision on Auburn Homeless Shelters

The Auburn City Council decided to hold off on any decision regarding zoning for homeless shelters within the city until staff can reach out to the county for a regional approach. The State mandated, that zoning for the future building of homeless shelters, be part of the city’s general building plan, back in 2007. The city’s plan is now up for review and the zoning for homeless shelters is to be included.

M2 zones were selected as a potential option but several audience members at Monday night’s meeting did not agree with that choice. The biggest factor being they were few in number and didn’t add up to more than areas that ran along the rail road tracks which Lisa Stark with Union Pacific Rail Road had a problem with. Stark asked that the city at least consider fencing between the shelter zoning and the tracks.

The city hopes to collaborate with the county to find adequate space near services to zone for homeless shelters.7294_556791691009849_641107110_n

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