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National Public Safety Dispatcher Week

The week of the 14th is national Police Dispatchers week. Annie Henry, dispatcher for Auburn Police Department, was awarded the dispatcher of the year award at last Monday night’s Auburn City Council meeting with a commendation by Mayor Kevin Hanley. Police Chief John Ruffcorn stood next to Annie and noted that this is the 2nd year in a row Annie has been chosen dispatcher of the year for the Police department.

In honor of Annie and National Police Dispatcher week, The police department would like to remind the public of the consequences of accidental 9-1-1- calls, often these are “pocket dials” to the dispatcher that must be treated like calls for help, and often divert resources from true emergencies. Lt. Victor Pecoraro with the Auburn Police Department encourages you to learn how to reduce if not eliminate pocket dialing on your cell phone.

Click to hear Lt. Pecoraro on pocket dials to 911

Lt Pecoraro explains it is more than a matter of calling back the number that dialed in. The LT. says that cellular service providers do not always have a number to call and can only provide general GPS coordinates that can be off by more than a mile or may only provide information as to which tower the cell call came from.

Click to hear more of Lt. Pecoraro on pocket dials ot 911

One dispatcher reported 7-pocket dials during her shift and each one was followed up on in case it was indeed an emergency.

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