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One Book One Community Auburn Dam Site Field Trip

The Rotary’s “One Book One Community” events continued over the weekend with a field trip to the Auburn Dam Site. Dozens of community members turned out at the Canyon View Community Center for a presentation by Jordan Fisher Smith, Best Selling Author of Nature Noir, the book Chosen as the first in what is hoped to be an annual effort to encourage reading in the community. Fisher Smith gave an over view of the book that highlighted the Auburn Dam area where Fisher Smith was a ranger for 14-years in the Auburn State Recreation Area (SRA) while the area was being considered as a site for a dam that would have put the park we enjoy today under water.

Fisher Smith introduced Auburn SRA Sector Superintendent Mike Lynch, the hero of Fisher-Smith’s Book, and presented Lynch an award upon his retirement after 35-years as a ranger. Lynch recounted a few of the stories Fisher Smith refers to in the book with a slide show presentation.

Click to hear Mike Lynch after Receiving Guardian Award

Following the slide show the group loaded up in vans and went into the canyon where Dick Hilton Professor of Geology at Sierra College talked about the rocks and the structure that would have supported a dam and many tons of water held behind the proposed dam.

After the field trip Fisher Smith returned to the community center to sign copies of his book. The next and final event will be tomorrow (Tuesday) at Placer High School’s Auditorium for a night with local authors including Lynch and Fisher Smith who will read from his Book Nature Noir.

You can see a photo album from field trip on our KAHI facebook page.

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