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Attempted Kidnapping in Placerville

A Mother’s nightmare has a happy ending in Placerville. A man tried to kidnap a 15-month old baby in Placerville Tuesday morning. Placerville PD received a 911 call from Schnell School Rd. The caller stated that an unknown male was inside her apartment threatening to take a 15-month old child. Captain Mike Scott with the Placerville police Department says the mother of the 15-month old fought off the attacker.

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When they arrived officers discovered that the male was still inside the apartment and immediately took him into custody. The officers later learned that the male subject, Jason Wayrynen age 42, had followed one of the apartment’s residents, who called the police, into the apartment from outside uninvited. The male subject focused his attention on the 15-month old child then forcibly took the child from the mother and held the child to the ground. After a struggle, the mother was able to reclaim the child. The mother put the child in a bedroom where other children and the adult who called police were hiding. The mother closed the door and fought with the suspect preventing the suspect from making entry into the bedroom until officers arrived. Captain Scott calls the mother a hero.

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Suspect Wayrynen was booked into custody at the El Dorado County Jail on charges of Kidnapping and Burglary.

Placerville PD

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