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PCWA Celebrates 50 Years

Placer County Water Agency has invited the public to attend a special board meeting Thursday, May 2 at 4 p.m., to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the construction of the Agency’s Project.  PCWA General manager David Breninger invited the public to learn about agency and its history.

                        Click to hear Manager Breninger               

Thursday’s theme “Placer County Water Agency Fulfills Dreams of 50 Years,” will include comments on the past, present and future of the Middle Fork Project.

The Project’s construction began in the spring of 1963 and was completed in 1967.  It includes two major reservoirs, five hydroelectric power plants, tunnels, penstocks, and a variety of related facilities.  The Project represents one of the first large water projects developed completely within a county’s own watershed that captures and stores its own “area of origin” water supply.

The commemorative event will be held in the American River Room of the PCWA Business Center, 144 Ferguson Road, in Auburn.  (It follows the 2 p.m. regular meeting of the PCWA Board of Directors.)


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