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County Sewer Fees Increased

The Placer County Board of Supervisors heard a great deal of public comment regarding the proposed regional sewer pipeline to Lincoln. Prior to the hearing Dr. H. Gordon Ainsleigh of Meadow Vista Chiropractic handed out a letter addressed to the residents of North Auburn and Bowman. The letter, against the regional pipeline, does the math for rate payers showing rates will go up as is anticipated but also claims that Supervisor Weygandt from Lincoln voted for the regional plan to stimulate fees for his town. Dr. Ainsleigh says it’s about economics.

            Click to hear Ainsleigh on regional sewer        

Former Auburn Mayor and Auburn Planning commission member Bob Snyder spoke in favor of the Lincoln sewer pipeline.

             Click to hear Snyder on regional sewer

34-citizens signed up to offer public comment on the regional sewer system. The Board on a 3 to 2 vote adopting an ordinance adjusting the sewer fees by approximately $14 dollars per rate payer, from $82 dollars a month to $95.78 per month.

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